Eurostar Track

The design of Eurostar Track
D2 Est 01

Eurostar is a high-speed international rail service connecting France and Belgium with the United Kingdom.

We’ve worked closely with the design team at Eurostar over several years. Initially they adopted Aspect as their signature brand typeface and also commissioned Aspect Heavy. In 2015 Pembroke was added to their visual identity. The third typeface that’s used is a more decorative headline based on the idea of rail tracks.

D3 Est 01

1. Early sketches of several letters

D1 Est 01

2. Exploring how the track could join

D1 Est 02

3. A corner is another type of junction where one edge is always open

D3 Est 02

4. Ideas for alternate letters to remove the diagonals and allow for more ‘points’ type of junction

D3 Est 03

5. Letters from the original font are shown above our alternate ideas

The original Eurostar Track font had various issues with its design and technical production that made it very difficult to use. We were asked to review the font and suggest ways to develop and enhance the idea, as well as produce technically correct font software for use across their design and marketing media. Our work involved testing different weights of line, addressing the overall letter shape and proportion, and rationalising the core detailing of the typeface. The core details included how and where the tracks crossed, and if the idea of track ‘points’ could be incorporated more evenly across the character set.

D4 Est 01

6. More defined sketches showing the effect of different junction types

D1 Est 03

7. All these ideas need to work for accented letters

D1 Est S01

8. The points junction

D1 Est S03

9. The cross junction

D1 Est S02

10. The open corner junction

D3 Est 04

11. More complicated characters and numbers

D6 Est 01

Typeface details

Eurostar Track is a single font with 260 glyphs

Completed 2016