The design of Epsilon

The Epsilon typeface was designed to bring unity across several European movie and TV related companies.

D3 Eps 01

1. Development of the Epsilon symbol

D2 Eps 01

2. Using ellipses to make the ‘E’

D1 Eps 01

3. Formalising overlapping ellipses to suggest an ‘E’

Epsilon Mediagroup comprises of Beta Film (one of the largest international distribution companies for movies and TV programs outside the United States), Publieuros (a TV advertising marketing firm), ETN (European Television Network), Emotion (a movie production company), and Evision (a TV rights and co-production company).

International design agency Frog Design commissioned us to develop a unique ‘E’ symbol based on the Greek letter, epsilon [figs 1, 2, 3]. The symbol would form a key element in all the company logotypes, and it seemed logical to design a typeface to help support this.

D3 Eps 02

4. Development ideas for Beta logotype. The top version is starting to suggest curves based on the ‘E’ symbol

D3 Eps 03

5. A stencil idea based on the curves and gaps seen in the ‘E’

The typeface style was derived from the shapes of the ‘E’ symbol [figs 4, 5, 6]. In order for the symbol to stand out in each company name, the typeface was designed as a unicase with all the letters being the same height [figs 6, 7, 8].

D2 Eps 02

6. Typeface stage development based on the curves of the ‘E’

D2 Eps 03

7. Sketches for numbers

D2 Eps 04

8. Sketches for punctuation and ampersand

D6 Eps 01
D4 Eps 01

Typeface details

Epsilon is a single weight font with 239 glyphs

Completed 1999